Be crazy.  Be stupid.  Be silly.  Be weird. Be whatever.  Because life is too short to be anything but happy.

I see, I capture

Edvin Lee, principal design

I dream of living in a fully sustainable world where products are made with zero waste output and landfills are a thing of the past.

As design lead and creative director with over 13 years of advertising experience, my work has garnered accolades and been published internationally.  The last 6 years I work on defining brands and products from the ground up for various education and tech startups in NYC to align design strategy with business goals.  I love to utilize my skills to focus on helping define and build sustainable, ethical and socially award brands . 

I believe good can almost always be bettered.  I believe great ideas can come from any sized budget or account. Because that’s what creative problem solving can do. I believe less is more. Except when it comes to the amount of craft poured into an idea. 

Client List

Amplify Education, AOL, Banana Republic, CBC, Design Exchange, Disney, Electronic Arts, Flatiron School, Flip Video, FoxSports, Gap Inc, Shanghai Little Bridge School, LabCorp., Microsoft, NBA, Nike, Newell, Sharpie, Target, and Visa.





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