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I see, I capture

I see, I capture


Edvin Lee, principal design

I studied fashion design and received my BA in Apparel Production but with a strong passion for multidisciplinary design, therefore, I decided to pursue a career in advertising. Working in Toronto, San Francisco, and New York City for top Tier agencies like Blast Radius, AKQA, and Code and Theory.  I spent 6 years working on digital + out of home ad campaigns, illustrations, brand designs for top fortune 500 companies where I received awards and accolades from theFWA and One show advertising award.  In 2010, I began working on brand, product and space design for various Startups in New York City, specializing in online education and community building and user generated content creation platforms.

In my spare time, I enjoy drawing, thinking of new ideas and working on new projects, especially one that is dear to my own values and beliefs. Over the past year, I've been researching methods for sustainability in fashion development, while investigating ways to reduce waste in production.  I have been working on my first fashion label ThisisEdvin, where I am focusing on creating zero waste products. In order to create something new, we must destroy,  but how do we be mindful in not leaving waste behind when we create something new?  In a world where new products are created at an alarming rate, as designers, we must consider the product life cycle at every stage, to respect nature and this beautiful world.

This is a space where I'll be sharing new projects so feel free to come back often for updates.


Client List

Amplify Education, AOL, Banana Republic, CBC, Design Exchange, Disney, Electronic Arts, Flip Video, FoxSports, Gap Inc, LabCorp., Microsoft, NBA, Nike, Newell, Sharpie,Target, and Visa.





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